It's quite rude, actually.

March 2022

Biases exist in the everyday. Sometimes we recognise them. Most times, though...
How do you talk about something that, quite simply, works?

October 2021

...and salutations from a word salad championship contestant.
Am I thrilled about that? Not entirely.

February 2021

I’m going to level with you from the onset: I’m writing this through heavily tinted lenses, coloured so by a nausea-inducing experience that I’ve…

May 2020

I’ll preface this by underscoring a belief I hold: “Life” and “work” aren’t two completely separate entities. Work is part of life, as are other bits. I…

December 2019

I really, really do.

November 2019

Catherine Iminza. Victor Kiptoo Ng’eno. Remember these names. Every day, this government and its agencies do something that seem to reinforce the…